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Whitmer: African Americans at Risk from Police and COVID-19

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Right on schedule, Michigan's Governor Whitmer has pulled out the race card in the Detroit riots. " lives are under threat every single day, whether it's the fear of law enforcement or fear of this pandemic," said Whitmer.

Wow. Can you imagine the nerve of the Governor to tell the African American population of Michigan that not only are they under threat of dying from SARS COVID19 (which is itself so unlikely that it may as well be a lie), but that the police are likely going to kill you at some point in your life.

So Mrs. Whitmer, what about yellow, white, and brown lives? They are not under a threat from police brutality or SARS COVID19? Would you please explain that to me and my readers? I myself when younger was frequently pulled over by police for driving junky cars in expensive parts of town. I can tell you from experience, the police believe in equal opportunity harassment and it is regardless of skin color.

Can you please explain to us lowly peasants why exactly "black lives" are under threat from the police? We already know your track record on the SARS COVID19 issues, and that you will not answer the questions that matter and are pertinent to situation. Instead you go on friendly news networks who will never ask a single question such as, "What percentage of the COVID19 cases are in assisted living centers (nursing homes) in the state of Michigan?" Most of the other states report that information, but your reporting is noticeably absent.

A few nights ago, Detroit became the first rioting city in the country to have a person murdered in the riots. It seems that Governor Whitmer sees an opportunity to capitalize on both COVID19 and George Floyd. Let's tell African Americans that the police and mother nature herself are out to get you. Yes, that will certainly improve things!

What is her goal in trying to gaslight the situation in Michigan? Unfortunately, I believe her comments are aimed perpetuating the situation for as long as possible. Democrats love a crisis!

(Why does this woman show up news conferences dressed like a teenage girl on a date?)

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