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America is no longer America

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It happened slowly, little by little. But the United States of America is just a shadow of the country that the founders created. Kamala Harris, once she assumes control from Joe (if he is the one sworn in) is going to usher in the greatest most far reaching anti-American policies were have ever seen.

Goodbye Freedom of Speech and Hello Reparations to ancient descendants of slaves!

Make no mistake about it, Kamala Harris is the one who was seemingly "elected" on November 3rd. If Joe can survive a mere 6 months, his health is steadily declining. His mental capacities are stretched to their limits. His mind is RAPIDLY failing.

(Here is your first African American Woman VP - Ooops wait, she's actually Indian.)

Joe even admitted on television that there was the great election fraud coalition ever devised.

Let's look at some uncomfortable facts:

Every time an American citizen votes in an election (even for dog catcher) the votes are sent to Spain and Germany for tabulation. This isn't pie in the sky conspiracy theory. This is cold hard reality.

Joe Biden who couldn't attract two (2) flies to a pile a of horseshit somehow got more votes than any president in the history of the United States.

The states governors have rendered the US constitution null and void. Freedom of speech, gone! The right to peaceably assemble, gone! The right to worship your god, gone! The right to literally breathe air freely has been revoked and you will be fined $1500 or go to jail for not breathing air the way the government says that you must.

For hundreds of millions of years, life on earth has lived side by side with viruses and life has flourished. The only things that have ever lead to mass extinction happened once and it was giant asteroid the size of Mount Saint Helens crashing into the earth at 5 miles per second.

The CDC admitted 8 moths ago that they were going to count Covid deaths as "anyone dying while infected with even a mild non-life-threating SARA COVID 19 infection."

The media and the government would have you believe there people are dropping dead while standing in line at the grocery store. Of the 250,000 deaths the CDC says are the result of SARS COVID 19, over 95% of those deaths were in people over the age of 78. Average life expectancy is about 78 years old. These were people who were already in the process of dying of something else. Old age is a killer!

In Michigan, there are documented cases of people dying in car accidents and from suicide and having their cause of death listed as SARS COVID 19.

Looking at the numbers of deaths in the USA over the past 20 years, there is ABSOLUTELY NOT AN EXTRA 250,000 deaths in 2020.

You have been lied to.

Why? For the Great Reset brought to you by Klaus Schwab. Klaus Schwab is a German Marxist who has repackaged Marxism into something called The Great Reset.

(The face and the leader of The Great Reset - Not a joke he dresses like a super villian)

Per Klaus's own words, France is a successful model of what will come to the United States and the rest of the work with the removal (please not the work "removal") of Donald Trump. France is his model of a successful interracial multicultural society.

Just 2 weeks ago Muslims beheaded a school teach in the streets because he offended them. Do you recall the suicide vest bombings from a few years ago in France? Or do you remember a few years ago when Muslims attacked a French newspaper killing many people with automatic military riffles because the newspaper offended their so called man-god Muhammad?

What else does Klaus stand for? In his own words "in 10 years people will own nothing and will be happy about it." He has been working with Bill and Melinda Gates and bringing his plans to reality... Did you know that during The Great Reset eating meat will be relegated to special ocassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Klaus and Bill gates literally have plans to have plant-based protein products delivered to your door. You will no longer be able to eat meat.

Klaus is also calling for Billions and perhaps even Trillions of dollars to be taken from ordinary citizens and redistributed to minorities to repay them for the racism they have endured over the centuries.

Curious about who is part of The Great Reset. These names are confirmed and is just a very SMALL list....

Barrack Obama

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

George Bush

Colin Powel

Mike Manley (FCA Exec)

Mary Barra (GM)

Bill Ford

Jack Dorsey

Mark Zuckerberg

Gretchen Whitmer and her Attorney General Dana Nessel

Kamala Harris

James Comey

John Brennan

Susan Rice

Justin Trudeau (Canada PM)

Nicolas Sarkozy (French PM)

Steve Jobs (rip)

The entire British Royal Family

Luckily for now Elon Musk is still an outsider who still seemingly believes in traditional American values like freedom, free speech, freedom of religion. Kudos to you Elon Musk! If only I could afford your to buy one of your vehicles!

So here you are, you are an American citizen:

Your election was stolen by operatives in the goverment of the USA, the FBI and the DOJ stood by and allowed it to happen

The FBI and DOJ tried to cover up Hunter Biden's laptop and his drug abuse and his kickbacks from China and Ukraine. Not to mention the reports of illegal pornography. The person who discovered all of this was so fearful for his life he assumed he was going to be killed by US government operatives. Safely though, now that his name and information is in the public, he's going to be safe.

When you vote, your votes are sent to computer servers in Spain and Germany to be tabulated.

You can't breathe air the way nature intended

You can't speak out against the government

You can't protest the government

You can't have people over to your house

You can't eat at a restaurant unless you are a government official

Your money is going to be taken and given to people of minority races

When you fill out a job application you are expected to tell the employer what your race is

When is enough going to be enough? When are people going to turn off their TV, put down their beers and put down their video games and demand the government that we had from 1776 until 1993?

Is it going to happen or are you all just happy enough to make barely enough money to get by and have a few drinks?

The only people who are active in trying to reshape America are the terrorists, namely ANTIFA and BLM. Republicans and conservatives are showing their true colors and sitting home watching their world be destroyed.

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