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Whitmer complains to press about "death threats" then displays 8645 message during TV broadcast

Governor Whitmer complained to the press today that every time President Trump speaks about her, she gets death threats.

This after the fact that during a recent broadcast, she proudly displayed a "8645" message to the entire viewing public. In case you don't know it, to 86 something is slang for getting rid of something. It originates from the Korean War when F-86 fighter jets routinely downed enemy Mig aircraft. War fighters came back the states with the phrase picked up from air battles.

Whitmer would be a laughing stock if she were not governor. Given total control over the state of Michigan, she happily shut down the state and forbid such mundane things as being able to visit your parents, buying seeds or paint, and exercising.

But when her husband wanted his boat put into the water, he jumped on the phone and used his wife's position as governor to try and pull special favors.

So keep talking governor because you may not think people are paying attention, but you would be VERY wrong.

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