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The Brady Bunch and a Hong Kong Flu Pandemic

Everyone over 40 knows that The Brady Bunch was launched in 1969. It was an idealized family life, believe it or not, set in California. Everyone knows the show was a huge success and spawned spook movies in the 1990s with some big name stars in the lead roles.

Well how many of you know that in 1969 the USA was is in the midst of "The Hong Kong Flu Pandemic" that killed over 100,000 Americans?

In 1969 the American population was about 200 million people. So I will let you do a little math on your own, but you can see logically that losing 100,000 people out of 200 million is like losing 150,000 if the population was 300 million.

So, how did America handle the 1969 flu pandemic that swept the nation? By doing exactly nothing other than living life as normal.

No masks.

No social distancing.

No school closures.

No temperature checks at the grocery stores

No mass layoffs.

No suspension of the US constitution and the Bill of Rights

You didn't see any masks on the Brady kids, did you? The father still went to work in an office. They took family vacations and went to school dances. Yes, we're talking about a TV show, but that was mirror image of what was happening and NOT happening in the United States.

Back then, Democrats and Republicans still basically got along and Democrats were still basically pro-American, unlike today where they are will to buy and sell each one of us for another $10,000 campaign contribution.

The media back in 1969 was still believe it not committed to reporting on the truth. Life was simpler without constant 24/7 news conferences and people on social media spreading lies and disinformation. The media was still concerned with reporting accurately.

Hell, in 1969, Woodstock took place!

Fast forward to today and we're told to believe that if we don't sit home on our couches and shop and work and socialize ONLY online that millions and millions of people are going to die. This is the height of silliness. But people are buying it without any recollection of fairly recent history.

Hell most people alive today that lived through 1969 don't even know there was a pandemic that killed 100,000 Americans. That's the power of the media in weaponizing fear.

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