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Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Well, this is my first article since moving and....Wow!

My wife is ER medical health worker in large Detroit area hospital and the stuff is hitting the fan with her hospital coworkers.

Our great Gretchen Whitmer is blaming health care workers in Michigan for blacks in the state having a higher infection rate than non-blacks.

My wife and her coworkers spent more years in school learning to care for and to treat people than probably Whitmer and lacky Attorney General combined.

She sent her Lt. Governor (he's another story in himself!) out with this message to the media:

“These past several months have been difficult for all of us, but they have been especially tough for Black and Brown people who for generations have battled the harms caused by a system steeped in persistent inequalities," Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II said in a statement.

So you see, my wife who spent years in school learning how to treat sick and injured people is a racist. Did you know that if you go to my wife's hospital that she will treat you differently and give you lesser care because my wife is mostly white? That came as a shock to my wife to learn she's a white supremacist.

Never mind that a large percentage of the healthcare workers are non-whites, they are still siding with white supremacist ideology and causing SARS COVID19 rates to be higher in the African American poplulation.

My wife has been physically struck, grabbed violently, spit on, coughed and has had people scream in her face for such crimes as not handing out opiods like candy and for not having a magic wand to heal people.

Gretchen, you brilliant leader whose only response to SARS COVID19 was 2 things, is now calling people who dedicate their lives to the sick and who risk their lives every day they go into the ER..... Gretchen is calling them racists.

Oh, here is what Gretchen did for Michigan:

  1. She shut down the state and gave rise to 10% unemployment and countless more people are under employed.

  2. Gretchen shuffled infected elderly people with SARS COVID 19 into nursing homes.

  3. Gretchen has REFUSED time and time again to release the data that she says is guiding her brilliant decisions.

  4. Gretchen kept pot shops open but made such things as back and heart surgery illegal, because don't you know because half of Michigan's 6,000 deaths were in nursing homes and the other half were mostly over 75 and quite ill, it was a requirement to stop dangerous surgeries like spinal surgery and heart stent surgery.

  5. Gretchen declared that someone who died in a car accident and who tested positive for SARS COVID 19 must be counted as a COVID death.

  6. Gretchen has caused a rise in domestic violence, suicide, and drug abuse with her shutdown, probably far exceeding the 6,000 people claimed to have died of SARS COVID 19.

  7. Gretchen even made is a crime, literally made it a crime to visit your family who lives in a different home than yourself.

Hide and seek doesn't work with viruses. Humanity has never in its history has ever erradicated a virus by hiding out at home on your couch.

Someone please point out an example where a virus was removed from existence by sitting on your couch. Can someone please give me an example? Anyone?

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