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SARS COVID 19 by the Numbers

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Now that the riots are mostly ending, the Democrats friends in the MSM need to start pushing the narrative for a second lockdown.

Everyone in the media and everyone in the governement is talking about Covid-19 as if it;s the most horrible that that a person can have happen to them. From CNN, to MSNBC, to even FOX News, the reporters are all acting like it's the end of days, the end of humanity.

Its not even close!

I set out to compile the names and ages of the first 100,000 Americans said to have died from SARS COVID 19, and I did finally accomplish that. But the data needs to be scrubbed and processed for it to be any good for me to use in an article. By itself the data is a bunch of computer "code" for those who aren't programmers. I haven't written a line of code in over 8 years and I've spent too many hours trying different things to make the data useable.

I give up!

But, there is something I can tell you. In the United States of America, the average person dies at the age of 78 years old. Can you guess the average age of the average person who dies because of of Covid-19? Ok, I'll just tell you it's 75 years old.

COVID-19 is a not a young person's virus. If you get it and you are healthy and you are under 65 years of age, you basically have a 99.999% chance of nothing bad happening to you.

Now that said, I am a hobbyist when it comes to health, medicine, and life extension. The reason why older people suffer the most at COVID-19 is because they suffer the most of all the age groups for all viruses and diseases!

Why? There are two (2) main reasons. Firstly the thymus gland shrinks very rapidly after around the age of about 30 years old. The thymus glad is the organ your body builds it's immune system with. Secondly, when people age, there is process called inflammation that runs rampant through the body. There are many causes of inflammation and inflammation causes many of the aspects of aging that we don't like: such as overall aches and pains and soft tissues that no longer act like a young person's soft tissues - they act like old tissues and you end up with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome or heart disease.

Doctor Greg Fahy did some excellent work at rejuvenating the immune system in older humans using a mix of human growth hormone, and DHEA. The DHEA was to offset the insulin resistance caused by the HGH (I don't have time to go into all the details his experiment). Doctor Fahy actually rejuvenated the thymus and the immune system in a group of older people. The effects lasted well after the experiment ended.

Science can actually rejuvenate your immune system! I bet you didn't know that. How come your doctor doesn't know it either? I'll leave that for another discussion. But big medicine owns much of the US Government and Big Medicine is into BIG money. So we can leave that for another time.

Ok, now that officially strayed off my discussion, let's wrap it up shall we.

The average age of death is 78.

The average COVID19 death is 75.

Thus shutdown of society was a complete and total act of stupidity. I fear that it wasn't actually a stupid decision, because stupid people can become educated and make intelligent decisions. I fear the decision was POLITICAL and was aimed at harming the people of the United State so badly that they would blame President Trump and vote him out of office.

The Federal Government and the governments of all 50 states have had the death information on COVID-19 since it first started showing up in the USA. Remember way back in February that the first cases were found in a nursing home in Washington state? Or was the cruise ship first?

Whether or not is was the cruise ship first and then the nursing home, the data when it started to come in was the older Americans were the people who bearing the brunt of the virus. Younger people (under 65) wee relatively immune from the brunt of COVID-19.

What did the politicians do? They lied. They lied each and every day for month after month. A lie is a lie even if it is a half truth if the half truth is designed to mislead. We the American people were mislead!

We were told that the virus was so deadly that if you went for a swim in the ocean that the police were going come after you in a boat and pull you out! We were told by Governor Coumo, "The virus is death."

Yes, like any virus including the cold and the flu, if you are an older person in your late 70s or 80s, any virus is capable of killing you. But we were not told the ages of the people dying. We were not told the ages of the people being hospitalized.

We were mislead on purpose.

Even to this day, as of June 13, it is ILLEGAL to get a haircut in the state of Michigan.

Because, 'Oh my god,' you may get COVID19 and go home and nothing bad will happen to you unless you are over 65 and have health issues.

The logical solution is clear: isolate the older and the frail Americans who are at risk. Let everyone else go back to their lives. If you're older, then great, wear a medical grade mask, wear gloves, and wear goggles (viruses also enter via the eyes). Take it on yourself to protect yourself from not just COVID19, but colds and flus.

Again, I'm going to leave this list of names and ages so that the average person can see what the average COVID death looks like: an older person (unfortunately) who probably was not long for the world anymore.

Hadi Khosroshahi81Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak56Mohammad Mirmohammadi71Hossein Sheikholeslam67Reza Mohammadi Langroudi91Fatemeh Rahbar55Italo De Zan94Lee Cha-su62Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani67Mohammad Kiavash89Marcelo Peralta59Roberto Stella67Giovanni Battista Rabino88Nasser Shabani62Piero Schlesinger89Vittorio Gregotti92Aytaç Yalman79Nicolas Alfonsi83Sergio Bassi69Hashem Bathaie Golpayegani78–79Francesco Saverio Pavone75Fariborz Raisdana75Stephen Schwartz78Rose Marie Compaoré61Luciano Federici81Henri Richelet75Innocenzo Donina69Hamid Kahram61–62Aurlus Mabélé66Antonio Michele Stanca77Carlos Falcó, 5th Marquess of Griñón83Marino Quaresimin82Tarcisio Stramare91Marguerite Aucouturier87Aileen Baviera60Vicenç Capdevila83Jacques Oudin81Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy68Lorenzo Sanz76William Stern84Germà Colón91Benito Joanet84José María Loizaga Viguri83Mike Longo83Maurice Berger63Lucia Bosè89Carole Brookins76Brian Crowe82José Folgado75Paul Karslake65Zororo Makamba30Usama Riaz26Calogero Rizzuto65Walter Robb91Lucien Sève93Júlia Sigmond90Nashom Wooden50Lorenzo Acquarone89Romi Cohn91Manu Dibango86Steven Dick37Mohamed Farah59Alan Finder72Terrence McNally81John F. Murray93Jenny Polanco62Harry Aarts90Danilo Barozzi92Mark Blum69Floyd Cardoz59Martinho Lutero Galati66Paul Goma84Detto Mariano82Angelo Moreschi67Menggie Cobarrubias66Ito Curata60Olle Holmquist83Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma86Naomi Munakata64Luigi Roni78Michael Sorkin71Hamish Wilson77Daniel Yuste75Daniel Azulay72Thandika Mkandawire79Jesús Gayoso Rey48Stefan Lippe64Orlando McDaniel59Michael McKinnell84Fevzi Aksoy89Kerstin Behrendtz69Chato Galante71Rodolfo González Rissotto70William B. Helmreich74Denise Millet86Pearson Jordan69Azam Khan93Michel Tibon-Cornillot97William Wolf94Beryl Bernay94José Luis Capón72Patrick Devedjian75Joe Diffie61Robert H. Garff78Maria Mercader54Alan Merrill69Tomas Oneborg62Francis Rapp93Angelo Rottoli61Ken Shimura70Henri Tincq74Lorena Borjas59Hilary Dwyer74James T. Goodrich73David Hodgkiss71Milutin Knežević71Ted Monette74Manuel Adolfo Varas76Joachim Yhombi-Opango81Wilhelm Burmann80Julie Bennett88Viktar Dashkevich75Pape Diouf68Rafael Gómez Nieto99James Gordon, Baron Gordon of Strathblane83Andrew Jack76Cristina Monet-Palaci64Gita Ramjee63Wallace Roney59Peter J. N. Sinclair73Turhan Kaya68Branislav Blažić63David Driskell88Kevin Duffy87Bernard Epin83Nur Hassan Hussein83Ellis Marsalis Jr.85Richard Passman94Bucky Pizzarelli94Adam Schlesinger52Dora Werzberg99Goyo Benito73Patricia Bosworth86Bernardita Catalla62Zaccaria Cometti83François de Gaulle98William Frankland108Juan Giménez76Anick Jesdanun51Eddie Large78Feriha Öz86–87Rodrigo Pesántez Rodas82Sergio Rossi84Aaron Rubashkin92Nirmal Singh Khalsa67Arnold Sowinski89Aptripel Tumimomor53Arthur Whistler75Arnold Demain92Henri Ecochard96Bob Glanzer74Francisco Hernando Contreras74Marguerite Lescop104Hans Prade81Omar Quintana76Tim Robinson85Yusuf Kenan Sönmez71–72Arlene Stringer-Cuevas86Jay Benedict68Philippe Bodson75Forrest Compton94Tom Dempsey73Xavier Dor91Kenneth Farnum89Lila Fenwick87Patrick Francfort63Carlos González-Artigas72Muhammad Sirajul Islam77Olan Montgomery56Marcel Moreau86Anton Sebastianpillai75Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath87Naek L. Tobing79Frida Wattenberg95Leïla Menchari93Lee Fierro91Mahmoud Jibril67John Laws74Michel Parisse83Helène Aylon89Josep Maria Benet i Jornet79Alfonso Cortina76Brahm Kanchibhotla66Jacques Le Brun88Mark Steiner77Stephen Sulyk95Riay Tatary72Roger Chappot79Robert Chaudenson82Jean-Laurent Cochet85Jacques Frémontier89Allen Garfield80Henry Graff98Leib Groner88Hudeidi89Mishik Kazaryan72Jan Křen89John Percy Leon Lewis77Roger Matthews71Yaakov Perlow89John Prine73Nipper Read95Donato Sabia56Tom Scully89Miguel Ángel Tábet78Ghyslain Tremblay68Hal Willner64Leila Benitez-McCollum89Robert L. Carroll81Martin S. Fox95Miguel Jones81Bernie Juskiewicz77Francesco La Rosa93Henri Madelin83Rick May79Reggie Bagala54Marc Engels54Harvey Goldstein80Ho Kam Ming95Liliane Marchais84David Méresse89Lee Nurse43Vitor Sapienza86Dmitri Smirnov71Rifat Chadirji93Frits Flinkevleugel80Ceybil Jefferies57–58Marianne Lundquist88Enrique Múgica88Bas Mulder88Jacob Plange-Rhule62Iris M. Zavala83Simon Barrington-Ward89Hélène Châtelain84Stanley Chera77John Horton Conway82Wynn Handman97Gillian Wise84Francisco Aritmendi81Brian Arrowsmith79Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron79Maurice Barrier87Claude Beauchamp80Tim Brooke-Taylor79Victor Batista Falla87André Manaranche93Joel M. Reed86Jaime Ruiz Sacristán70Carlos Seco Serrano96Khalif Mumin Tohow58Samuel Wembé73Kishen Bholasing35Baldiri Alavedra76Gil Bailey84Juan Cotino70Jerry Givens67Thomas Kunz81Philippe Lécrivain78Benjamin Levin93Sarah Maldoror90Dennis G. Peters82Avrohom Pinter71Zafar Sarfraz50Bernard Stalter63Ann Sullivan91Haydar Baş73Helen Damico89Danny Delaney77Aldo di Cillo Pagotto70Margit Feldman90William H. Gerdts91Michael Gilkes87Cyril Lawrence99Maria de Sousa80Ella King Russell Torrey94Peter Whiteside67Adam Alsing51Allen Daviau77Henry Grimes84Bruce Myers78John T. Houghton88Milena Jelinek84Lee Konitz92John Pfahl81Shahin Shahablou56Gérard Mulumba Kalemba82Ülkü Azrak86–87Francesco Di Carlo79Santiago Lanzuela71Henry Miller89Luis Sepúlveda70Bennie G. Adkins86Norman Hunter76Abba Kyari67Giuseppi Logan84Iris Love86Lukman Niode56Arlene Saunders89Matthew Seligman64Gene Shay85Jesús Vaquero70Erik Belfrage74Gulshan Ewing92Martine Crefcoeur84Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche78Sékou KouroumaBob Lazier81Jack Lotz86Urano Navarrini74Jacques Rosny81Steve Dalkowski80Noach Dear66Claude Lafortune83Philippe Nahon81Sergio Onofre Jarpa99Alexander Vustin76Heherson Alvarez80H. G. Carrillo59Tom Mulholland84Manjeet Singh Riyat52Josep Sala Mañé82Dave Bacuzzi79Belco Bah61–62José María Calleja64Philip Foglia69Jack Taylor84Donald Kennedy88Teruyuki Okazaki88Joel Rogosin87Jacques Pellen63Gerson Peres88Miguel Ángel Troitiño72–73Koos van den Berg77El Príncipe Gitano88Julian Perry Robinson78Bootsie Barnes82Peter Gill89Fred the Godson35Kumiko Okae63Henk Overgoor75Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejía57Burton Rose77Mike Huckaby54Yukio Okamoto74Alan Abel91Ricardo Brennand92Henri Kichka94Madeline Kripke76Robert Mandell90Gunnar Seijbold65Emilio S. Allué85Laura Bernal64Miquéias Fernandes69John Rowlands73Badruddin Shaikh67Henri Weber75Rabbi Yehudah Jacobs80–89James Mahoney62Zafar Rasheed Bhatti70Asdrubal Bentes80Francesco Perrone89Troy Sneed52Chavalit Soemprungsuk80David Boe84Silas Silvius Njiru91Syahrul59Germano Celant80Martin Lovett93Dick Lucas86Noel Walsh84Óscar Chávez85Jean-Marc Manducher71Sylvie Vincent79Suleiman AdamuYu Lihua88África Lorente Castillo65Fernando Sandoval77Allah Yar Ansari77Justa Barrios63Jim Cross83Jim Henderson79Daniel S. Kemp83Ralph McGehee92Munir Mangal70John Ogilvie91Meyer Rubin96Ajay Kumar Tripathi62Dave Greenfield71Ömer Döngeloğlu52Tendol Gyalzur69Roy Lester96Mohamed Ben Omar55Aldir Blanc73Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite92Dragan Vučić64Brian Axsmith57Ciro Pessoa62Jacques Reymond69Princess Diana of Bourbon-Parma87Daniel Cauchy90Daisy Lúcidi90Ty47Joyce Davidson89Antonio González Pacheco73Lúcia Braga85Jesus Chediak78Vicente André Gomes68Dimitris Kremastinos78Roy Horn75Carl Tighe70Johannes Beck97Carlos José85Abraham Palatnik92David Corrêa82Anwarul Kabir Talukdar76Sérgio Sant'Anna78Hari Vasudevan68Abdikani Mohamed Wa'aysAlberto Carpani64Ann Katharine Mitchell97Renée Claude80Morris Hood III54Afwerki Abraha71Anthony Bailey87Riad Ismat72Shobushi28Yoshio70Anisuzzaman83Claes Borgström75Olga Savary86Mário Chermont83Wilson Roosevelt Jerman91Pilar Pellicer82Wilson Braga88Ratnakar Matkari81Bill Olner78Vincent Malone88Annie Glenn100Ken Nightingall92Gil Vianna54Shaheen Raza60Syed Fazal Agha78Denis Farkasfalvy83Kamrun Nahar Putul65Hugo Ryckeboer84Jitendra Nath Pande79Mukar Cholponbayev70Makbul Hossain70Hussain Ahmad KanjoDinaldo Wanderley69Ismail GamadiidMarv Luster82Samvel Gasparov81Vladimir Lopukhin68David Owen Brooks65Claude Goasguen75Celine Fariala Mangaza52Evaldo Gouveia91Célio Taveira79Dan van Husen75Ghulam Murtaza Baloch55Chris Trousdale34Shaukat Manzoor Cheema66Mian Jamshed Uddin Kakakhel65Adriano Silva49Fabiana Anastácio45Dulce Nunes90Carlos Lessa83Manuel Felguérez91Sardar Dur Muhammad Nasir61Jayaraman Anbazhagan62

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