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Illegal to Dry Hair in Michigan! This is not a joke!

Will wonders never cease?

It is illegal in Michigan to have your hair dried at a barber or salon.

Why is it illegal? Because Gretchen Whitmer said so.

This was not passed into law by the legislature. This is a piece paper that the Governor signed written in her own words that was never debated publicly or privately in the state government.

After nearly 3 months of hair salons and barbers closed down, my wife was excited to get her hair done today on "opening day." Big surprise! They can cut your hair. They can dye your hair. But you have to leave the salon soaking wet.

Governor Whitmer made drying hair illegal!

Thank you again Governor Whitmer for showing us the depths to which Democrats will go to in order to make life miserable.

Just one question: Mrs. Whitmer, can you please show me the data that you used to outlaw drying hair? You keep telling us that you are not making the decisions, and that the decisions are made by the data. Please show me the data.

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