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Gymsanity in Michigan

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I am a workout junkie. I love lifting weights. It has numerous benefits to the body including strengthening bones, strengthening the immune system, it keeps the brain physically younger and it staves off heart disease and high blood pressure. I can go on, but you can go online and find out more than I can tell you here.

My philosophy is to live a well rounded life. As such I dedicate part of my time to work, part of my time to family and part of my time to self improvement.

Self improvement includes:

1. Continual learning and education. I am a physicist by degree and I try to stay up on my mathematics and science skills and knowledge.

2. Continual improvement also means continually taking care of my body with proper amounts of exercise and rest.

Well, Gretchen shut down all the gyms in the 3rd week of March and FORCED everyone to basically stop exercising unless you're talking about going out for a walk (not everyone is capable of jogging because bad knees and bad backs) or unless you're talking about doing some push-ups in your living room.

Luckily I found a gym that is run by patriots that reopened with the blessing of the local police department. In fact I see police officers in there all the time working out. They're pretty easy to spot once you know what the typical police office looks like and how they act and talk.

But I was laid up for a solid 14 weeks without a gym!

Here is what happened to my body with 14 weeks of not lifting weights:

Lipids went up a full 20 points! That's without altering my nutrition and generally being smart about what I eat. My endurance DROPPED like a rock. When I started working out 6 weeks ago, I could barely put in 15 minutes on a treadmill. That's bad! My bench press went from 325 pounds max to about 225 and very shaky. all of my lifts were down roughly 30%.

My body and my health totally deconditioned. I did do pushups at home and tried to stay active, but being active is not a replacement for exercise unless you're 80 and can't exercise. And, yes, I cannot jog outside on pavement because of disc issues in my lower spine. If I were to go for a jog outside, I would probably spend 2 days in bed letting my spine recover.

Can you imagine what is happening to the 100s of thousands of other gym rats and their health?

We are going on 5 months now without gyms being legally open and Gretchen has not a care in the world for people's health.

Can you imagine all the numbers of people who now have heart disease from being forbidden from exercising? Heart disease is irreversible! Once the plaques start to build up in your arteries, they basically don't go away. There is a promising cancer drug on the market that shows promise in reversing artery disease (trodusquemine), but that's another story for another website.

Whitmer is TRYING her best to keep people sick! First of all in Michigan, if you want to go jogging, you only have about 6 months out of the year to do it as the rest of the years its too cold and icy to go jogging.

If Whitmer cared about the health of the people of Michigan, she would reopen the gyms and let people get back to exercising. Exercise is scientifically proven to improve the immune system and it is the immune system that fights off ALL infections from Covid to simple bacterial infections from accidentally cutting a finger.

Gretchen's public health policy is this:

Close gyms

Keep pot and alcohol sales going

Keep fast food open and close down resturants that actually serve healthy non-fast food

She is on record as saying she believes gyms are dirty places that will bread SARS COVID19 infections because people are "sweaty". Is there data someplace that shows people sweat viruses?

So in 6 weeks of returning to the gym, I haven't gotten sick. I haven't even seen 1 person in the gym so much as sneeze or cough. And as word spreads about the few gyms that are open, they are getting busier and busier. Yesterday I had to wait to get onto the leg equipment!

So 6 weeks later, I haven't caught covid. My wife hasn't caught it. My daughter hasn't caught it. No one in our family has caught it from visiting our house.

When we will people have enough of this COVID hysteria and get back to life? Right now a sizable percentage of the population thinks that getting COVID is like getting airborne cancer. Just 2 days ago at my dentists office, the hygenist told me she's afraid of her 12 year old daughter going back to school. I didn't say anything, but my thoughts were basically along the lines of how can someone in the medical field NOT understand what is going? How can someone be afraid of a virus that allegedly has killed less than 25 children while year after year the influenza virus kills HUNDREDS of children every year? So influenza can kills hundreds of kids every year, but COVID that has allegedly (we all know how the CDC counts COVID deaths) took the lives of less than 25 kids and its time to DESTROY their lives.

I might have to do another article on COVID and the school hysteria. There's just so much these days to write about it's incredible that every day something more outrageous than the next day comes along.

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