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Governor Whitmer Photographed Violating Her Own Social Gathering and Mask Rules

Once again, Governor Whitmer has demonstrated that her illegal executive orders (found illegal by the Supreme Court) are only meant for the peasants and not the ruling elite.

This photo was taken October 6 and clearly shows Whitmer at a Washington DC social function with Joe Biden and no one is socially distancing and no one is wearing a mask.

When will enough be enough for the residents of Michigan? Do you really like be ruled by a queen who the only people allowed to live normal lives are her and her husband?

As stated earlier, her executive orders were found illegal by the Michigan Supreme Court. However, she has ordered the state health department to illegally put out statements that the health department is now making laws regarding Covid-19 with penalties including fines and time in prison. This is absolutely absurdly illegal and the MHDSS cannot make laws - they may only enforce existing health law and there are now health laws restricting the Bill of Rights and there are no health laws regarding masks.

Here she is photographed at a party without masks all the while threatening you and I for the last 7 months with time in prison if we dared to do the same thing.

Is Michigan going to wake up?

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