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England: $13,000 Fines for not Self-Isolating! Is this coming to America?

September 28, is another nail in the coffin for the people of Britain. For on the 28th of September another new law goes into effect: anyone who breaks the rules for self-isolating after they get a positive test for Covid-19 will get a UK 10,000 Pound ($13,000 USD) fine.

England has already banned sex. Yes, if you haven't read my previous article on England, then you definitely should. England has literally banned sex between unwed people who do not live together.

Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC that the country is facing a "tipping point" amid a surge of infections.

"If everybody follows the rules then we can avoid further national lockdown," Hancock said Sunday.

As many of you know, the Coronavirus while being a real virus is not a deadly life ender for humanity. In fact it's death rate is probably now lower than the common flu. But politicians around the world have turned China's virus into a gift for themselves and controlling every aspect of human life, right down to how we breath air (must be through a dirty bacteria filled mask) and right down to whom we have sex with.

Remember the American socialist movement loves, absolutely loves to point their fingers at European socialism and say, "That's what we're bringing to America. Not that oppresive Russian version." Well guess what? When the government controls the manner in which you breath air, decides whom you can and cannot have sex with, and fines you $13,000 for leaving your house with a virus so weak that you don't know you have it unless you take a test to see if you have it.... If that's the government coming to America, then they are now surpassing the oppressive Soviet Socialist Republic.

Countries like Sweden and the Netherlands in fact do not have lock downs, mask mandates, and their school are open for teaching without restrictions. When asked how they are doing it, their response can be summarized as, "We're just doing it."

The people of the world have been duped.

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