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Gretchen Whitmer: Photgraphed Ignoring Own Rules Says Trump's Rallies "Fly in face of science"

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says President Donald Trump's campaign events in the state this month violated her COVID-19 executive orders and "fly in the face of the best science."

But yet as pictures show, she violated her own restrictions on crowds and gathering (see below). Is this a double standard? Yes. It's Ok for the Governor to break her own rules on social distancing and crowds sizes, but if you're Donald Trump, he better not dare to not do as she says.

Fortunately for Joe Biden, he can't attract crowds for it to even be an issue. Which is probably the point of her complaints. She is furious that Trump can attract thousands and she is embarassed and trying to hide the fact that Joe Biden can't attract two flies to a pile of horse crap.

Michigan's Governor Whitmer placed Michigan into the strictest and most cruel lockdowns of all 50 states. But yet, her and and husband seemed to have suffered little ill effects. Such has been the case around the country, with those in government not suffering any effects of shutting down


The SARS COVID19 virus has been weaponized by the various political leaders across the United States as a means to curtail the freedoms guarantied under the Bill of Rights in the United States constitution. Under the guise of, and I am quoting Governor Whitmer, "saving lives," the entire Bill of Rights has been swept aside by what we are told are state constitutions that supersede the United States Constitution. Phil Murphy of New Jersey even said the "Bill of Rights is above my pay grade."

Huh? You do know that Phil Murphy went to Harvard. So Harvard is graduating people who do not even know the basic fundamentals about the US Bill of Rights? I hardly believe that!

I could understand a city councilperson who is probably an ordinary citizen who may or may not have attended a university. But a governor - of one of only 50 states - with millions of citizens - he knows nothing of the Bill of Rights? Give us all a break Mr. Governor! Be honest and tell us the truth is that you were trying to see how much you could get away with in the courts! That's the truth. Not some lie about a pay grade.

First and foremost, an entire article needs to be written on the 14th amendment and how it protected every citizen of the United State from overreaching state and local laws. But I digress to do that in a future article.

Ever since the lockdowns were implemented, every single governor that I have researched has violated their own orders. Not only the governors but almost ever politician that I research.

In Michigan, Governor Whitmer's lockdowns included such items as heart surgery, joint replacement surgery, cancer screening, dental work, in person psychiatric treatments. In my own experience doctor's visits were cancelled; dental work was postponed indefinitely. Additionally, Governor Whitmer made it a crime to visit your friends and family.

Think about that last statement for a moment. It was literally a crime to visit with any relative that you did not live with under the same roof. And this was not a 2 week lockdown to flatten the curve and provide the hospitals a chance to regroup to take on SARS COVID19 patients; this went on for months!

If you hade a next door neighbor with who you were friends, it was illegal to share a cup of coffee and a conversation with them.

25% of the state is now out of work because of Whitmer's executive orders. I myself am a part of that 25%. To this day, nearly 12 weeks later, I am still battling with the unemployment agency in Michigan for my unemployment compensation.

This about this: the state of Michigan eliminated my job by closing the economy and at the same time is refusing to pay unemployment. And I am not the only one.... There are literally hundreds of thousands of people just like me still trying to get their pay.

So let's go back to Governor Whitmer. It has been illegal to get a hair cut in Michigan for 3 months. Governor Whitmer has a stylist fix her hair and makeup for every appearance she makes. Her husband who has been spotted, it's very obvious he has also been getting hair cuts.

We were told that if we went outside our home, that it had to be for only "essential" activities. Just 2 weeks ago, Whitmer's husband was caught red handed trying to use his wife's name to get the family boat into the lakes. This was a major scandal here in Michigan.

First, her office said that it would not comment on the matter. Her supported said, "See she's innocent!" A little later that day the scandal wasn't going away and it was getting worse. Her office issued a statement that her husband called the marina to play a joke, but it wasn't well received.

I am sorry, but your husband did not call a marina to drop your name as a funny joke in order to get your boat out of the dry storage and into the lakes!

Then come the riots. Mind you, the riots started while Michigan was under STRICT lockdown orders. Remember, per Whitmer it was illegal to visit your mom on Mother's day! Social distance was the law. If you were not social distancing in a park, the police could harass you and possibly even arrest or ticket you.

What does Whitmer then proceed to do? She marches arm in arm with the protesters, violating her own damned executive orders. But hey, we were told it's Ok to protest because civil rights matter more than SARS COVID19.

Excuse me? When anti-lockdown protesters peacefully protested, Whitmer literally said that every time there was a protest, that it would her obligation to extend the lockdown even further.

So here you have it. Protest against the Governor and she will extend the lockdown. Protest for BLM and, hey, it's ok! Its ok to break quatantine. It's Ok to break social distancing. It's Ok to break the silly mask rules.

This is happening all over the country!

DeBlasio violated the orders about working out in a gym. Chris Coumo violated his quarantine when he had SARS COVID19 and went outside with the virus. Barrack Obama violated the DC lockdown to play golf.

It's happening all over the country. The government breaks their own rules! But if you or I want to go to a park and get some sun, 'Don't you dare come within 6ft of another person, or by god we will arrest you!"

New York threated to send police officers into the Ocean to pluck people out of the water who were swimming! Can you imagine that? Can you imagine someone swimming in salty water is going to spread the SARS COVID19 virus to anyone?

It's a double standard!

The government an break their own rules. You and I will be arrested.

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