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CDC Flip Flops Again! Redefines "Close Contact" for the Worse

The CDC has done it again.

They have redefined what it means to be in close contact with someone. Under the guidlines for the last 7 months, "close contact" was defined as being 6 feet from someone for at least 15 minutes.

Now it's worse! Apparently that was not good enough or the people at the CDC have nothing better do other than change their minds every other week on just about everything related to SARS COVID-19.

"Close contact" now means being 6 feet from someone over a 24 hour period for a total of 15 minutes.

This is scientifically baseless. CDC and Vermont health officials discovered the virus was contracted by a 20-year-old prison employee who in an eight-hour shift had 22 interactions — for a total of over 17 minutes — with individuals who later tested positive for the virus.

Can the CDC please tell us how they can determine from 1 person and 1 case of a mild covid infection that the infection came from one other specific person?

In science this is called an n=1 data point. That means only 1 subject was used to make a scientific determination. Ordinarily it takes thousands of people and thousands of observations to make a scientific determination.

But now apparently the CDC is running out of things to do and is making stuff up out of thin air.

Congratulations on successfully getting the government to regulate the simple act of breathing air.

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