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CDC FINALLY admits 6 feet doesn't work and virus spreads through 'aerosols'

Well "maskers", the jig is finally up!

Your masks neither protect you nor do they protect the people around you! Why? Because of what people 3 months ago told you: aerosols.

From the CDC, the virus can remain suspended " the air and be breathed in by others and travel distances beyond 6 feet." Now tell me how logically those school "pods" are where children in the same room aren't allowed to come with 6 feet of other children in differing "pods"!

This time it's a tacit admission from your coveted CDC who have falsely inflated 190,000 covid deaths so that the MSM can beat people of their heads with scary numbers and scare people into giving up constitutional protections in the name of safety.

“These particles can be inhaled into the nose, mouth, airways, and lungs and cause infection. This is thought to be the main way the virus spreads,” per the CDC. What they conveniently don't have the courage the say is that aerosols pass through masks.

Aerosols are not the 1970s hairsprays you may be old enough recall. Aerosols are tiny, microscopic particles that travel though and sift through the atmosphere. Have you wondered why you can still smell through your mask? That's because of aersolized particles passing through the fibers of the mask. The particles are smaller than the mask and therefore pass through

Want to see what happens when you breath, cough, or sneeze with a mask on? Just see the picture at the top.

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