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250,000 die from malpractice: more than from Covid19

Stop the presses. Covid-19 isn't as deadly (not nearly) as we have been told to believe. Would you believe if someone told you that more people die of medical malpractice every than will die of Covid-19?

Keep in mind that the CDC is literally "laundering" deaths of Covid-19 through ordinary non-Covid deaths in order to fluff up the numbers. Birx and Fauci admitted on TV several months ago that the CDC counts everyone who dies and happens to have a mild SARS Covid-19 infection, that that death will be counted as a death due to SARS Covid-19.

Can you imagine how many millions of people would die of the common cold and influenza every year if anyone who dies while having a cold or having the flu happens to die of anything from cancer to heart disease?

So how many people are we talking about? Over 250,000 people die every year of medical malpractice! In the last 2 years 500,000 or a half million Americans died because their doctor screwed up.

Our government in the USA shut down the economy and literally threw millions of people out of work and held 100s of thousands of elderly Americans hostage in nursing homes. Fathers were not allowed to be present for the birth of their child. Domestic violence and child abuse has skyrocketed.... For fake death numbers that still cannot reach the number of Americans killed every year by their doctor.

By the way, researches calculate that roughly 10% of EVERYONE DYING IN THE USA DIES BECAUSE OF THEIR DOCTOR'S MISTAKES.

I hate to bring up math, but that means the 200,000 so-called Covid deaths in the USA would have raised the total deaths by 10% over last years death totals and the totals for all of the years before that. Guess what? There isn't a 10% increase in deaths in 2020. You have been lied to.

Keep wearing your masks and letting the government regulate the very simple act of how you breathe air.

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