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Bin Laden Killer and Hero Banned from Delta Airlines

We all know who Rob O'Neal is, right? He was the particular US Navy SEAL that entered Bin Laden's bedroom in Pakaistan and "tapped" him in the forehead with a piece of lead.

First of all I have seen nothing but vitriol from the left against Rob being a publicity hound who is trying to take all the credit for the Bin Laden raid. In his Rob's defense, and he doesn't need one, I have seen him praise the entire team he was a part of.

Rob was recently on a Delta Airlines flight, and like normal people do, when the mean service came he removed his mask to eat and drink his food. Rob then did the most unthinkable and unforgivable crime that anyone can commit: he took a selfie of himself while his mask was and posted it online.

When Delta Airlines saw the picture of the unmasked Rob O'Neal, they banned him for life from ever flying their airline again.

Common sense it seems isn't very common at corporations.

I wonder what scientific thought went into the rule that you can eat and drink without a mask, but don't you dare take a selfie of yourself while your mask is off?

As someone who live in Michigan, our major airport is the major Delta hub and unfortunately it would pretty hard for me to boycott it. Not that I travel much these days anyway. After all who wants to sit in a metal tube breathing through a mask full of germs and bacteria for 4 hours?

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